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With your support we can Rescue, Reunite and Rehome stray and abandoned dogs from across the Region

It costs over £2.3 million to run our two sites every year to achieve the results which we are very proud of. 

We care for up to 150 dogs 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

It costs on average £772 to look after each dog in our care, somemuch more if they need ongoing medical care. 

In 2019 we spent over £280,000 on veterinary care alone.

On average we rescue one dog every hour.


We raise every penny of our income ourselves and are totally reliant upon the generosity of our adopters, supporters, local businesses and community groups.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved with us:

Become a Friend: For a little as £3 a month, your donation goes a long way to helping our dogs – and gets you preferential rates on various services.

Lend a Paw: Whether it is walking our dogs or helping out at an event, we always welcome volunteers to spread the load.

Become a Business Buddy: Name us as your company's chosen charity.  Your staff teams can have fun together by raising money for us by holding events, taking part in team challenges and through payroll giving.  We have countless ideas, from fun office games to active challenges and many, not surprisingly, include dogs! In return, we champion your support through all of our communication channels, support your efforts every step of the way and welcome your teams to our centres to enjoy meaningful volunteering experiences.

Make it Personal: Whether it is running a marathon, hosting a coffee morning, holding a birthday fundraiser or taking on your own personal challenge in aid of BDH, we are always happy to support you and celebrate your successes with you, with certificates, thank you celebrations and across our social media.

Make Cake: Take part in our Great Birmingham Bark Off - we supply the whole kit for you to host fun bake sale celebrations, from cake stands to recipes to bunting.

Take the Lead: Match the daily steps of our Canine Carers in our virtual walkies challenge to raise awareness and sponsorship.  Do it in your own time and log your results and share your photos and stories in our online Facebook community.

Take part in our Community Events: Enjoy a fun day out for all of the family, be it at our Family Fun Days or seasonal celebrations such as our Christmas Santa Paws event. Bring your dog too of course and come and meet some of ours.

Be part of our online Family: Take part in our online fundraising activities.  You can raise free donations for Birmingham Dogs Home when you shop online through, send us something we need for our dogs online via our Amazon wishlist or take part in our exciting online raffles, lottery and virtual dog shows.  There is always something happening on our popular Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram.  Thanks for following!

Buy a Brick: An engraved brick is a personalised tribute in memory of a loved one, which will be placed on the memory wall at our Birmingham centre as a lasting legacy.  You are welcome to come and view your brick and visit our dogs too whenever we are open.

Leave a Gift in your Will: Some of our thoughtful supporters choose to make a gift to Birmingham Dogs Home in their wills after remembering their loved ones.  A small gift will make a huge difference to us as a regional charity working at the heart of your local communities.


Please find out  more information about all of the above here on our website or email or call our friendly fundraising team on T. 0121 643 5211 Option 3



Waggy Winners Lottery

Play and Win up to 25k!

Play our weekly 'Waggy Winners' lottery and you could win a £25k jackpot!

Do you want to help our stray dogs but also be in with a chance of winning some great prizes too? You can do just that now! Sign up to our ‘Waggy Winners' lottery and start making a difference today.


Sign Up

How the Birmingham Dogs Home lottery works

Why is Birmingham Dogs Home running a weekly lottery?

A lottery is a fun and engaging way for Birmingham Dogs Home to raise funds. The lottery is promoted and run to help raise essential funds for Birmingham Dogs Home, the beneficiary charity. Profits from the lottery go to Birmingham Dogs Home.

What is the Unity Lottery?

The Unity Lottery is an umbrella lottery platform which charities of all shapes and sizes can use to run their own fundraising lotteries. The Unity Lottery draw takes place every Saturday, and each ticket gives players the chance of winning one of four fantastic prizes. Each entry costs just £1.

Where does the money go, exactly?

For every £1 played, at least 50p goes straight to Birmingham Dogs Home as profit. The other 50p is split between the prize pot and administration costs.

How can Birmingham Dogs Home offer £25,000 as a top prize?

When a player wins a prize, this is covered by the Unity prize pot. This means that charities using Unity for their fundraising lotteries can offer a £25,000 jackpot and smaller prizes to their players.

Who is behind Unity?

Unity lotteries are administered by Sterling Management Centre; experienced lottery administrators of over 30 years. Unity was developed by Sterling so that charities of all shapes and sizes are able to run their own fundraising lotteries.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The odds of winning any prize in Unity is 1 in 63. Everyone in Unity has an equal chance of winning, no matter which charity they support or how many players that charity has. This is one of the main benefits for Birmingham Dogs Home in joining a scheme like Unity.

Can you guarantee the lottery is fair?

Yes, every entry has an equal chance of winning, and the winning numbers are drawn at random.

What can I win?

The Unity lottery prize structure is based on a 6 digit number match, in the correct sequence, as follows:

  • 3 digit match = 5 entries into the next draw
  • 4 digit match = £25
  • 5 digit match = £1,000
  • 6 digit match = £25,000

Why is it Unity writing to me and not the charity?

Unity is administered by Sterling. It is the platform powering Birmingham Dogs Home's lottery.

What are the lottery rules?

The lottery rules are available on our website The purpose of these rules is to ensure you are informed about the terms of playing our lottery, and to promote responsible gambling.

Is the lottery legal?

Yes, we operate in compliance with all Gambling Commission (the UK regulatory body concerned with lotteries) requirements and the lottery is administered by a certified External Lottery Manager. For further information please see our rules page on

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

For questions about the lottery or your lottery membership, please call the Unity Lottery Helpline: 0370 050 9240 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)

Alternatively, please fill in this contact form.

Joining the Birmingham Dogs Home lottery

How do I buy lottery tickets?

You can buy lottery tickets through the Birmingham Dogs Home website page here by setting up a Direct Debit lottery subscription, which is the easiest way to ensure you're entered into the draw each week, or by cheque/credit card.

Alternatively, you can telephone Unity on 0370 050 9240 and request an entry form for the Birmingham Dogs Home lottery.

Can I choose my lottery numbers?

These are chosen randomly and will be your numbers for the duration of your membership of our lottery. When you enter the lottery, you will be sent your unique numbers.

Can I have more than one entry?

Yes. Each £1 entry buys you one ‘chance' of winning in the lottery. In accordance with our commitment to responsible gambling, we offer a maximum of 20 entries each month per person.




1 chance to win

2 chances to win

3 chances to win

50p goes straight to your chosen cause each week

£1 goes straight to your chosen cause each week

£1.50 goes straight to your chosen cause each week

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be aged 16 or over to enter the lottery.

Why am I sent to another website when making a payment online?

When taking payments Birmingham Dogs Home use a secure payments system provided by our External Lottery Manager. This ensures your details are taken in a safe and secure manner when you enter the lottery online.

What happens if I lose connection to the internet while entering?

We advise to call our helpline on 0370 050 9240 and we will be able to assist you and confirm whether or not a payment was taken successfully.

Are my entries eligible for Gift Aid?

Unfortunately, we cannot claim Gift Aid on funds raised through the lottery.

You've joined the CHARITY Unity lottery – what now?

I've signed up to join the CHARITY lottery in Unity. What happens now?

Within 21 days of registration you will receive a confirmation letter which contains details of your unique lottery number(s). You will be entered into the draw when you have monies available and you will continue to be entered into the draw as long as you have monies available against your lottery number.

Why is there a delay between registration and entry into the draw?

Following registration it is necessary to complete a number of administrative processes which include verifying your payment details with your bank, claiming the funds from your bank account and the funds being received.

Why is the price £4.34 per month when paying Direct Debit on a monthly basis?

The monthly cost breakdown of £4.34 for playing the lottery is based on paying £1 per week over a 52 week year. Direct debits for this amount are collected once monthly. Sometimes there will be five weeks in a month and the additional £0.34p is to build up credit to cover the fifth week on the five-week months.

Can I check the winning numbers?

Yes - the winning numbers will be available on the Unity website.

How do I claim my prize?

If you are a winner, we will send your winning cheque straight to you at your address – there's no need for you to claim.

How long can I play for?

You can play our lottery for as long as you wish. Following successful payment you will continue to be entered into the draw as long as you have monies available against your lottery number.

How will I know if I win a prize?

Once the draw has taken place, winners are notified by post, and the winning number is published on the Unity website.

Your CHARITY lottery membership

I have lost my lottery numbers, what should I do?

If you would like us to re-send your lottery numbers to you, please call the Unity Lottery Helpline: 0370 050 9240 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)

Alternatively, please fill in this contact form.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by calling the Unity Lottery Helpline on 0370 050 9240 or using our contact form and we will advise you further.

Who owns my data?

All the data gathered from your members belongs to your charity and you can request access at anytime to the data the charity holds about you. You can choose how you allow your charity to communicate with you. Unity will only ever send you administrative post about your lottery membership – no marketing or anything else.

I have moved address or my name has changed, do I need to tell anyone?

Yes – please let us know on 0370 050 9240 or using our contact form.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling means staying in control of how much time and money we spend on gambling. Responsible gambling means not spending more money or time than we can reasonably afford on gambling activities, keeping in mind all our other responsibilities in life.

I need some advice on the effects of gambling, can you help?

To speak to someone about a gambling problem contact the Gamble Aware confidential helpline on 0808 8020 133 or visit their website for further information.

How can I make a complaint?

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us on 0370 050 9240 or using our contact form and we will endeavour to answer any queries you may have.

The Great Birmingham Bark Off

Join us in raising much-needed awareness and funds for the stray dogs in our care by holding your very own ‘Great Birmingham Bark Off’!

You can hold your ‘Bark Off’ at your place of work, in your home or at your local club – where ever it is, you can be certain that it will be helping thousands of stray dogs in need. We provide you with all the essentials to help get your ‘Bark Off’ started with a bang.

The Great Birmingham Bark Off
Bark Off Creations

Your pack includes

  • Bunting
  • Balloons
  • Cake Decorations
  • Recipe Cards
  • Pop-ups money box – for all those generous donations
  • Human and doggie cake signs
  • Money return form
  • Social Media ‘Save the Date’ digital image (provided upon request)
  • A4 & A3 size posters
  • Table announcer
  • Price labels

All you need are the delicious cakes!

Bark Off Pack
Cody and Rosie enjoying some cake
Reeva and Cody
Rosie, Reeva and Evie

Get your friends, family, and colleagues together to help unfortunate dogs in your area, a simple bake sale or ‘Bark Off’ as we like to call it, will go a long way in helping us to ensure the safety and care for thousands of homeless dogs that need your help every year.

To get your ‘Great Birmingham Bark Off’ event started simply fill in the form below and we will send you out a pack in the post. If you have a date in mind for your event please do let us know too.

Tips for getting your ‘Great Birmingham Bark Off’ started

Pick a date and time to best suited for your guests (Lunch time for work or Sunday morning for friends) Share on social media and set up an event Talk to your friends, work colleagues or even the neighbours Put your posters up in your office, at your school or at your local club Get friends and family to share your social media posts Clearly price up your creations – remember you can always download more on our website Get friends and family to bring baking creations with them – the more the merrier Make the donation pot visible for all your guests
  • Pick a date and time to best suited for your guests (Lunch time for work or Sunday morning for friends)
  • Share on social media and set up an event
  • Talk to your friends, work colleagues or even the neighbours
  • Put your posters up in your office, at your school or at your local club
  • Get friends and family to share your social media posts
  • Clearly price up your creations – remember you can always download more on our website
  • Get friends and family to bring baking creations with them – the more the merrier
  • Make the donation pot visible for all your guests

Sign up to receive your FREE Bark Off Pack now!

Your pack will be sent out to you within 7 – 10 days

Your Details

How can we contact you?

Your Address

Where should we send your pack?

Your Event

When are your holding your Bark Off event?

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your donation can increase by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme - at no additional cost to you! Simply tick the box below.

Yes I agree that Birmingham Dogs Home can treat all the donations I have made in the last 4 years (prior to this year) and all future donations as Gift Aid donations


Downloads & Media

Please be our friend...

dog toy image

By becoming a Friend of Birmingham Dogs Home, for just a few pounds a month, you will help us to pay for the daily costs of heating kennels, washing bedding, buying food and treats, as well as the costs of training, providing essential and life-saving medical care and finding loving new homes.

We receive no government funding and are completely reliant on the generosity of dog lovers like you to continue operating.

It's easy to become a BDH Friend, and with a donation from as little as £1 a month you can make a big difference to the many dogs that find themselves without a home.

When you sign up to become a BDH Friend you will receive a Friendship Welcome pack as well as exclusive offers and invitations every year including:

  • A Friendship Certificate.
  • A pack of lovely BDH goodies including an exclusive BDH Friends car sticker
  • Our Waggy Tales monthly newsletter with updates about dogs currently looking for new homes as well as "happily ever after" stories.
  • A BDH soft toy dog if you donate £12 or more per month.
  • Special Friendship discounts including grooming for you dogs.
  • Exclusive invitations to special events and centre tours.

How your Friendship will make a big difference to dogs every day a month:

  • £4 can pay for cosy bedding to provide warmth and comfort.
  • £6 a month can help pay for daily meals and some treats to keep tails wagging.
  • £12 can pay for one dog to be microchipped each month so he or she can be reunited with their worried owners if they get lost.
  • £24 can pay for one dog to be vaccinated each month to protect them against serious diseases.

Ticking Yes to Gift Aid will mean BDH will get an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

Please call if you have any questions T. 0121 643 5211 Option 3 or please use the link below to become a BDH Friend today.

Buy a Brick Campaign

Our Buy a Brick campaign was launched in 2015 when we were raising money for our new Birmingham Centre, where our head office and largest rehoming centre in now located in Catherine-de-Barnes.   

This popular scheme has evolved to become a personal and lasting way to support our charity's work.  Supporters can make a donation to have a brick engraved with a personal message, often as a tribute to the memory of loves ones.  Bricks are placed on our walls of memory for visitors to enjoy.

Buy a Brick today

Please select a two line brick (34 characters) for £50, or if you’d like a longer message - a four line brick (64 characters) for £100.

Please note, all brick wording will be displayed in capitals, and each line centrallised. If you wish for spacing between your chosen words then please leave a space as wording will be laid out exactly as you have written it. You can include symbols on your brick wording, but only symbols that are noted on a keyboard can be used.



New Build

When can I see my brick?

Once you have purchased your brick a confirmation letter will be sent out to you. It usually takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks for the brick to be completed and displayed within the Centre.

You will receive a confirmation letter and a brick style certificate once the brick is on the walls at our Birmingham Centre.  You are very welcome to visit to see your brick in position during our opening hours.

If you would like to discuss your own special requests please contact our friendly fundraising team on T. 0121 643 5211 Option 3 or email

For further details about our 'Buy a Brick' Campaign, contact our fundraising team on 0121 643 5018 or email them using the details found on our Contact Us page.

Donations and Gift Aid

dog image

You can support Birmingham Dogs Home today by making a donation online.  You can click the link here to make a one off donation or set up a regular donation.

Your support means so much to us.


Just £3 can help us to buy toys for traumatised dogs to find comfort and learn how to play again.

£10 can help us to buy coats to keep dogs dry as they enjoy their daily exercise. 

£20 can help towards essential medical care .

dog image


Shop and Donate

Do you shop online? You can support our dogs with every purchase with no extra cost to yourself. 

Simply sign up to Easy Fundraising which has over 4,000 retailers from Asos, Argos, M&S, Just Eat and many more who all donate to our stray dogs with every purchase you make through this website. 

Sign up today and make a big difference to our stray dogs when you shop online! 

Sign up here - Easy Fundraising


Gift Aid!

Don't forget, if you are a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your donation, allowing us to claim back the tax - currently 25p for every £1 you give.

Downloads & Media

Corporate Support

There are many benefits for your business as a supporter of Birmingham Dogs Home.

We are fortunate enough to enjoy the support of larger organisations such as Pets at Home, the Co-op and Dains Accountants, as well as smaller, independent businesses in our local communities. Staff help to raise money for us by holding events, taking part in team challenges and through payroll giving. In return, we champion your support through all of our communication channels, support your efforts every step of the way and welcome teams to our centres to enjoy meaningful volunteering experiences.

Business Buddies

Choose Birmingham Dogs Home as your chosen charity and enjoy taking part in a range of fun team building, fundraising activities with the support of our enthusiastic fundraising team.

 There are lots of ways to get involved:

· Take part in our virtual walkies Take the Lead Together team challenge

· We can help you to run your own baking competitions or host cake sales with all of our fun Great Birmingham Bark Off resources, including recipe ideas , bunting and cake stands!

· Join us for our sponsored activities including our very own Walk in the Park and be part of the BDH team and join us for regional runs and big dog walks.

· Have some fun in the office/branch/shop floor (or virtually!) with our dog themed office quizzes

· Set up a payroll giving scheme and make a regular tax free donation

· Join in our weekly online lottery – there are big cash prizes to win!

· Come along and meet us at our Birmingham or Wolverhampton rehoming centres for photos, cheque presentations, tea and a tour to meet the dogs that you have helped to support.

Corporate Companions

We also work in strategic ways with businesses. We tailor partnerships to work with you in mutually beneficial ways, be that to meet your marketing or CSR objectives.

We have a range of exciting sponsorship opportunities from community projects, to events, to exciting brand awareness and product placement opportunities at our rehoming centres and online.

Through our hugely popular and ever growing social media channels, publications and various communications with our supporters and adopters we can offer targeted marketing opportunities and collaborate in a range of ways including joint campaigns, launches and industry networking.

We can offer a unique range of benefits to our partners including:

 · Lunch time learning sessions for your staff – our team are often accompanied by wagging tailed companions

 · Meaningful volunteering at our rehoming centres and at our Family Fun Days and community events

 · Bespoke Team challenges from inter-department challenges and virtual leader-boards to "Kennel Sleep Ins" 

 · Christmas Dinner speakers

 · Meeting room space at our Birmingham Centre

 · VIP tours of our centres and corporate hospitality with a difference

 · Media support including press releases and social media promotions to share stories of our journey together.

Thank you to our amazing corporate supporters. Your continued support is hugely appreciated and we truly value all that you do for us:

  • Ancol
    Long term BDH friends as suppliers of quality accessories and dog toys
  • Coop
  • Fish4Dogs
    Supporting the nutritional health of BDH dogs
  • Pets at Home
    Supporting BDH in stores across the Midlands
  • Petplan
    Supporting BDH with essential insurance services
  • Spotty Dog Communications
    Helping to keep BDH's work in the limelight

To find out more about how your business can benefit from supporting Birmingham Dogs Home please call T. 0121 643 5211 Option 3 and ask to speak to Fi Harrison, Head of Fundraising or email

Gifts in Memoriam

dog image

Losing a loved one is so difficult. It can help to honour their lives and their contributions to their communities, families and pets by making a donation in their memory. 

You can choose to help their memory live on and support our charity by:

- Making a personal donation in their name

- Letting family and friends know that funeral collections will be donated to Birmingham Dogs Home

Donations can be made online in the name of a loved one. This can be an important way for friends and family who are unable to attend a funeral to feel involved and offer some comfort. 

Memorial Donations and Funeral Donations can be made HERE

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