A BIG thank you from everyone at Birmingham Dogs Home for raising over £7,100 during our Sunnyside Centre open day which was held on Saturday, 19th August.

We had over 1,500 visitors and we just can't thank you enough for your kind generosity.

It is such a pleasure to see so many like-minded dog lovers come together as a family to help other dogs in need. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope you did too.

These events not only help to raise much needed funds for our stray dogs but also enable us to raise awareness of our cause to the local community. With so many people walking through our gates it fills us with so much joy knowing that our local community are behind our work and are here to help the thousands of stray dogs that come through our door every year.

We couldn't hold these events withoutour trusted volunteers and staff members - they work so hard to make it a joyful experience for all our visitors and we can't thank them enough. So to everyone that came over to help and for your years of service to our charity, thank you!

A big thank you also goes to St. Georges Vets who very kindly sponsor our open days and help judge the dog show - we appreciate you continued support and look forward to working with you on next year’s event.

Another thank you goes to Niel Jackson and the team at Signal 107 for hosting and helping to keep a smile on your face.

There are two people that also deserve a thank you and they are our judges, Sarah Lane and Rob Wilde, they found it extremely hard and would have given all the dogs’ first prize if they could! But we appreciate all the hard work that you did on the day - Thank you.

We hope to see you all again next year at both centre open days and fun dog shows. Keep an eye on our Website for dates!

To view the photos of the event which were taken by show photographer, Tina Carr, please click here