This is the reason why our team are so crucial for our local communities and providing the care to thousands of dogs in need every year. 

This gorgeous girl came into our care last week in a terrible condition. Found wandering Cannock Chase, severally emaciated, in a lot of pain, and with some very deep wounds from lying on hard floor and dirt for many many months. 

A beautiful Lurcher with a very kind sole - you can just see her pain through her eyes. 

Weighing only 15 Kg’s on arrival, when a normal weight for a Lurcher is 27-30 Kg’s.

She has been seen by as vet who has cleaned her wounds as best they could, though it is thought that she might need surgery to help them heel once she is strong enough. Sadly, she is too weak to undergo any general anaesthetic at this moment in time. 

She is now receiving 5 small meals a day; this is due to the size of her stomach and gradually we will build her up to be able to accept larger meals – these things take time. 

She is also on medication to help fight the infections and to help prevent any pain she is feeling. 

The reason we are showing you her story is to highlight our teams work and why your support matters. With very worrying times ahead we are only able to care for dogs like this because of your ongoing support. 

Thanks to you, we can continue to support dogs just like her. 

***We will be needing your help to find her a name – please keep an eye on future posts when we will be asking for your suggestions***

If anyone has any information on this dog which could help with the investigation, please contact Cannock Environmental Health directly on 01543 464497.

Posted: March 25, 2020