With Easter holidays here, many of you will be heading off on your travels with the family which can also include your four-legged friends. However, having dogs in the car can be distracting and almost two-thirds of UK motorists are unaware that traveling with an unrestrained pet can cause a fine of up to £5,000 for careless driving.

Research, which has been carried out by Confused.com, suggests that more than half of pet owners who drive with their pets don’t realise that having a loose pet in the car may also invalidate their insurance.

So, with so many of you on the road this Easter we wanted to let you know how to keep safe whilst driving with your pets. Here are our top tips -


·         Use a seat belt harness or pet carrier

·         Use a dog guard to stop your dog from jumping over the rear seats

·         Use a cage or crate in the boot

·         Don’t feed your pet within 2 hours of a long drive to avoid carsickness

·         Pack their favourite toy or blanket

·         For long trips, ensure you have regular stops for a toilet breaks

·         Use sunshades to stop your dog from overheating with sunlight shining in the car

·         Always pack some water

·         Don’t allow your dog to ride with his head out of the window – this can be very dangerous


The reason for these measures is to keep yourself, your pets and other road users safe. Your dog should be able to travel without distracting you and causing you to take your eyes off the road.

Something to consider before setting off on that long journey.





Posted: April 17, 2019