A puppy which was stolen from her home over two weeks ago has now been re-united with her worried owners, all thanks to her microchip details.

Jessica, who owns three puppies which were all stolen from her home, was thrilled to receive a phone call from our team at Sunnyside informing her that Puppy Socks had been handed in and was ready to go home.

Sadly, the other puppies have not yet been found, but we just hope that they are handed in to the local dog warden or our centre as soon as possible so all puppies can be re-united and can continue playing together like puppies should be.

A terrify experience for both owner and puppies but thankfully Jessica had her puppies chipped with up-to-date details so we could contact her as soon as we could.

We want to urge people to ensure that their own dogs microchip details are kept up-to-date, you never know when your dog can stray so it is really important to check. It is also a very good idea to use a few email addresses and contact details incase you are unavaiable when you are trying to be contacted - ask a friend or family members if they would be happy with you putting their details on your dogs chip too. 

If you are unsure of the details on your dogs chip call your chip company and they can inform you of all the details on your dogs chip. 

Please keep your dogs safe. 

Posted: December 21, 2018