On Friday, February 23 this little dog was found by Birmingham Dog Wardens in the early morning taking refuge in a park bin when temperatures plummeted to -4 over night.

The dog wardens were made aware by an employee of Sutton Park and they arrived to find him still inside and shivering to keep warm.

It is unknown if he was dumped in the bin or jumped in himself to keep warm - he was brought to us by the dog wardens where he was vaccinated, given a nice warm bed, food, water and lots of TLC. He was brought straight to us where he was given a warm bed, delicious meal and all the TLC that he needed. 

No microchip was found so no way of tracing his owners, he will be staying with us until he can find his new loving home if his owners do not come forward. 

Since being in our care he has been enjoying walks in our paddocks, playing in the snow and certainly prefers our under-floor heating to the dust bin that he was found in. 

We will be keeping you up-to-date with his story on our social media pages - come over to take a look. @BirminghamDogsHome