MP for South Staffordshire, Gavin Williamson, pays a visit to our Sunnyside Centre to learn about our work in the local community. 

Gavin wanted to see first-hand the work that we do that helps his local constituency of South Staffordshire. He met with team members at Sunnyside and CEO, Giles Webber, to understand just how our work is vital in rescuing and giving the care to so many dogs in the local community that need it most. He is an animal lover himself and was overwhelmed by the hard work that our team and volunteers put in to help our stray dogs. Travelling across his constituency meeting local businessmen and organisations, Gavin is always giving a helping hand to local campaigns. Most recently he has been seen helping the 'World Owls Trust', fighting to protect our green belt and campaigning against fly tipping. 

To help our cause, Gavin has been sharing our story with his followers on social media and encouraging people to give towards to Christmas Dinner appeal.

Commenting on the visit, Gavin said: "It was so heart-warming, and humbling, to visit Sunnyside Kennels in Coven. It was heart-breaking to see that there are so many animals who have been abandoned, or mistreated, but the staff at Sunnyside work so hard to make the dogs feel safe and loved. Alongside this, they reunite so many lost pets with their families, keeping them safe until they are returned.

I urge residents who are considering getting a dog to visit a local rescue centre. There are so many lovely dogs that are in need of a loving, caring family. However, we must not forget that a dog is not just for Christmas and is a huge responsibility."

We look forward to welcoming Gavin and his team again in the future.