You never think that it will happen to you but sadly it could happen to anyone. On Sunday 10th November Pickles went missing from her home in Cambridge, her family went out to get her from the garden and she had simply vanished. Did she escape or was she stolen? They are unsure but were frantic with worry.

The family took to social media, reported her missing to the microchip company and were doing all they could to ensure her photo was placed everywhere possible to help see if there were any sightings.

Two days passed and they hadn’t heard anything, the grandchildren, who were Pickle's best friends, were extremely upset and just wanted her home.

To our amazement, Pickles was brought into our care from the dog warden on Tuesday afternoon, we scanned her and realised that she wasn’t chipped locally. After a quick dial, we were able to let the family know that Pickles had been found safe and was in the care of our Wolverhampton Centre.

The family couldn’t hide their shock and relief – just knowing she was safe but also hearing that she had travelled over 110 miles!

It was too late for them to travel down that evening as it is a 4.5-hour round trip so we assured them that she would be safe in our care with a warm bed, nice meal and of course some cuddles to reassure her.

Early Wednesday morning they left their home in Cambridge and travelled to our Wolverhampton Centre to be reunited with Pickles.

These stories always leave a tear in our eyes as we know just how hard it would be to be parted with your beloved pet, but it also helps highlight the importance of microchipping your dogs. If it wasn’t for her microchip Pickle's story could have been very different.

Thanks to her family getting her chipped and making sure the details were kept up-to-date, we were able to contact them as soon as she came in and give them the good news.

Please let this story show you how important it is to keep your chip details up-to-date, no one wants to lose their best friends but should it ever happen you can always have hope that your dog is chipped and has a number of contact numbers for the finder to call.

It is a happy ending for Pickles and her family, and we hope that many more can have the same outcome. Last year alone we rescued over 2,700 stray dogs but only 616 were reunited with their worried owners – we hope to make that number increase as the years go on.


Posted: November 14, 2019