We don’t always post stories like this on our website, but we feel it is important to show our generous supporters how their dedicated support helps dogs just like Manny and Ellie.

Their journey is still on-going but unfortunately as a charity we still see abused and neglected dogs coming through our doors every year. Without your help we couldn’t give the treatment, support and love that neglected dogs desperately need.

Manny and Ellie were found dumped outside our Sunnyside centre on Dark Lane in mid-February. We are unsure how long they had been there but it was clear they needed emergency veterinary treatment. Manny, an 18 month old Cross Deerhound had deep wounds to his shoulders and hips, which the vet thinks mays have been caused by being thrown from a vehicle or extreme pressure sores. He was also extremely emaciated, lifting his head was even a struggle for him as he was so weak.

Manny’s wounds needed treatment as soon as possible and he was rushed to St. Georges Vets in Wolverhampton. Due to his condition we were worried that he wouldn’t come round after a general anaesthetic. His wounds were stitched and flushed to help clean the areas and avoid any further infection; drains were also placed in both sides. We were so pleased to get a phone call to say he was out of theatre and waking up.

Both Manny and Ellie, who is a 6 year old Lurcher, are under strict instructions to rest, helping them to fully recover and gain weight, but still having a gentle walk if they are up to it. As Manny’s wounds are in mobile areas on his hips and shoulders there is a risk of wound breakdown which means taking extra care when he moves and keeping a very close eye on him.

Manny weighed only 16.2kg on arrival and Ellie only 18.2kg – a healthy weight for these types of breeds would be between 35 – 50kg. These gorgeous dogs have been left without food or water and severely mistreated. We don’t know how long they would have survived if we didn’t find them.

Both are now doing extremely well in the care of our dedicated team at Sunnyside and receiving an endless supply of hugs and kisses. They will be placed under the vet for a while until we see an increase in their weight and all wounds have healed. They will not be available for rehoming until they are in full health and have the all clear from our vets.

You can see from the photos and videos on our facebook page just how well they have improved, especially Manny, as he was unable to walk but now we can’t stop him! He is a real charmer in the office and we are seeing an improvement in both dogs every day.

We wanted to highlight what our team do with your help; we unfortunately see this type of neglect too often. Veterinary costs are one of our biggest outgoings as a charity and with no Government Funding this is where you can help.

If you would like to help towards Manny’s and Ellie’s veterinary treatment you can donate via Text by texting VETS28 followed by £1-£5 or £10 to 70070. You can also call the Sunnyside team direct on 01902 790618, they will be able to take donations over the phone or you can also visit the team in person; their address is Dark Lane, Coven, Wolverhampton, WV10 7PN.

We will keep you updated on their progress and thank you once again for all your support – we have a mission to rescue, reunite and rehome the stray dogs in your area and that is what we will continue to do with your help. 

To see more photos of both Ellie and Manny including a video please visit our facebook site here