Back in February, we applied for a grant from LoveBrum which would help us to get an ultrasound scanner; we could use it on the dogs that we thought maybe pregnant or have underlying health issues.

This non-invasive procedure would help us to diagnose our dogs quicker and all under our roof, which in turn would reduce the cost of petrol driving to and from our vets based in Wolverhampton.

LoveBrum, which is a charity, based in Birmingham and helps so many worthwhile projects and causes across the city, give out grants for up to £2,000 every month. They choose three projects to support every month, visit the site and record videos with the teams to highlight their projects and help people understand how the funding will be helping their cause. Once recorded, these are then shared on their social media platforms and then their members are able to vote for which cause they would most like to receive the £2,000 grant.

Each charity receives a grant from LoveBrum, the top prize is £2,000, second prize is £1,000 and the third prize is £500 – all fantastic amounts which will do so much good for each cause and project.

Over 5 days, whilst the votes are open, we shared our video in the hope that our supporters and LoveBrum members voted for Birmingham Dogs Home and helped our dogs get the ultrasound scanner they so desperately need.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out if we had won or not, we received a telephone call from the team at LoveBrum on Friday when voting closed and they gave us the amazing news that we had won £2,000!!!

Our team were over the moon and couldn’t thank everyone at LoveBrum enough – these phone calls are always the best!

We have now received the funds and are waiting to get our scanner delivered – our vets are so excited.

Birmingham Dogs Home would just like to take this time to thank everyone at LoveBrum for their support and choosing us at one of their charities to support, also a big thank you to all their members who voted for us and to all our supporters who voted too.

You have all helped and all done your bit to give our dogs what they which need will, in turn, help them get the care they deserve.

We will be sharing some updates once we start using the scanner.

Thank you.

To find out more about the LoveBrum charity just visit their website by clicking here

Posted: April 2, 2019