As a dog charity, we see far too many cases of neglect. Unfortunately, on occasions, we have to share these distressing images with you to show how your generous contributions help support and rehabilitate dogs in our care, just like Lola.

Lola is currently being nursed back to health in our Sunnyside Centre, Wolverhampton. This sad case has proved to be quite distressing for our staff, especially the new members who are witnessing this kind of neglect for the first time.

Lola, a gorgeous Akita believed to be aged three, was found wandering through a local park in Moxley early last week. It was clear that she was in distress and needed our help. Thankfully for Lola, as we have called her, members of the public to sit with her until the dog warden arrived to bring her safely into our care. It was very clear that her hair was matted and skin extremely sore. 

Whilst they sat waiting for the local dog wardens to collect her, she found comfort in their arms and was once again receiving the love and affection that she deserved. 

It was hard to assess Lola’s weight when she came into our care, as her fur was severely matted; we just couldn't tell until we got close enough to touch. She weighed only 21Kg; a healthy weight for a female Akita should be around 35-45Kg. 

It was our job to ensure she got the care she needed, and quickly. 

As soon as Lola was settled, our team rushed her straight to the local vets, St. Georges Vets in Wolverhampton. The vet’s initial assessment concluded that it would be too painful for Lola to be shaved whilst she was awake - the kindest thing to do was to use an anesthetic to make her as comfortable as possible. 

This is when we realised just how poorly she was and how much she needed our help. The amazing team at the vets were able to shave her matted hair, which in itself make her feel 100 times better and put a sparkle back in her eyes. Now that she was shaved, the team of expert vets was able to see to the full extent of injuries and start providing the care and treatment that was urgently needed. 

The list of medication that Lola is now receiving is quite long and includes mite and flea treatment, medicated shampoo baths, cream to help sooth her itchy skin and antibiotics to help fight the infections. 

Cases like Lola's are the reason our charity spends over £180,000 on veterinary fees alone each year - providing the vital care of our dogs every single day.

Lola recovered from her trip to the vets and is now back with our team at Sunnyside receiving lots of TLC until she is well enough to start looking for a new home. 

We are now starting to see the real Lola shine through - kind, friendly, smart and very loving. 

Working this close to dogs that have been through so much makes you appreciate how lucky we are to be able to make a difference to dogs just like Lola. 

As a charity, we rescued over 2,700 homeless dogs last year and we receive no Government funding - we survive only by the help of local businesses and communities, without this, our amazing staff couldn’t do the job that they are trained to do. 

If you would like to help with Lola’s continued veterinary treatment then please donate to her cause by clicking here - it will certainly help give our team the support they need. 

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With your help, we can build a better future for stray dogs in your local area. 



Posted: February 20, 2019