We don’t share these cases often with you but felt that Kermit’s story needs to be told. Found wondering the streets of Handsworth, Thursday 11th January, hardly able to lift his head and with his hindlegs struggling to hold his weight - it was clear that he needed immediate help.

Kermit, named by his canine carers at our Birmingham Centre, was picked up by the Birmingham Dog Wardens and brought into our care to receive the treatment to help save his life. We are not sure if he would have survived another day out in the cold and just relieved that he was found in time.

ON ARRIVAL KERMIT WEIGHED JUST 29KG - A healthy weight for a male American Bulldog is 54 + Kg. Severely emaciated and dehydrated.

Kermit has pressure sores all over his legs and beck end which are causing him distress as well as being unable to stand up straight until he starts to gain more weight. Left with no water, no food and no care - it was up to us to provide him with everything that he has been missing.

He was happy to see friendly faces and was very thankful to have a small bowl of food on arrival, the team are gradually increasing his meals so that he can slowly start to gain weight and be the healthy American Bulldog that he should be.

These cases come in too often and we felt it was time to show you just how your donations help all the stray dogs that come into us - just like Kermit, needing our help now and getting them back to full health.

Kermit’s story is still ongoing and he is slowly starting to gain weight and his sores will soon clear up. He has a long road to recovery and we are appealing for our supporters to help towards his ongoing care. If you would like to help towards Kermits ongoing care you can donate in the following ways:

TEXT: Text VETS28 to 70070 followed by £1-£5 or £10

BY PHONE: Call the team on 0121 643 5211

ONLINE: http://www.birminghamdogshome.org.uk/donate/single

or if you would like to donate sensitive food or coats for Kermit and please pop them down to our Birmingham Centre.

We would just like to say a huge thank you for all your support and we will be sharing updates on Kermits progression on all Social Media channels and our website.

We are sorry if these images have caused any distress. To view his full video please click here