Christmas is a time for celebrations and spending time with your loved ones, for many of us this means that our dogs are included in the festivities too. But the festive season also brings along a hidden world of dangers for our four-legged friends, from toxic food to dangers decorations.

Help ensure that your dog stays safe this Christmas by reading the list of hazards placed below: 

Foods and Drink


Christmas Pudding

 Mince Pies


 Grapes and Dried Vine Fruits

 Onions (including garlic, leeks, shallots & chives)


 Macadamia Nuts

 Cooked Bones


 Artificial Sweeteners

 Pigs in blankets

Christmas Plants




Christmas Trees


      Although these plants are not highly toxic, ingestion can cause upset tummies and can be sharp which could cause problems internally.

   Other potential hazards

 Silica Gel (often found in new shoe boxes, handbags and electrical equipment)

Christmas Decorations

Wrapping paper





Keep an eye on what your dog may be getting up to this Christmas, but if you are worried that your dog may have ingested something they shouldn’t have please consult your vet as soon as possible.





Posted: December 19, 2019