Dog owners are being warned over a new bout of gastroenteritis, a severe illness caused by bacteria that could cause your pets to vomit and have diarrhoea.

Vets across the country have seen an increase in dogs coming into their practises’ since the New Year who have been admitted with symptoms of the illness.

Symptoms to look out for are –

  • Vomiting Blood

  • Diarrhoea (that may be bloody)

  • Stomach pain (discomfort)

  • Pale Gums

  • Low Energy

  • Smaller appetite

      The Symptoms may last between two to four days but dogs can make a good recovery if seen by a vet promptly. Dogs that do not receive treatment may become dehydrated which may lead to further complications.

We are urging owners to keep an eye on their dogs, if you notice anything unusual or are worried then please do consult your vet.

Posted: January 14, 2019