We would just like to thank the team from Fish 4 Dogs for their very generous donation of food and treats, which have been gratefully received by every dog in our care.

In this video, which features dogs from our Birmingham Centre who are all looking for new loving homes, the dogs themselves tell you just how much they enjoy the treats.

We have found that they are great for training as they are small but smell delicious - which always helps keep their attention and you have a treat for all dogs, even the fussy eaters.

They can be crunchy, which our dogs loved and come in all different sizes too.

A great food product for dogs with sensitive skin or tummies, take a look at their website here www.fish4dogs.com and follow them on facebook by clicking here.

Our dogs do all the talking in the video!

You can’t beat tasty, natural, healthy and delicious treats which your dogs will love.  

Posted: February 12, 2019