Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve plus many other private celebrations in between. They might be enjoyable for us humans but for those of us that have dogs and other animals it can be a very distressing time for them. These days the season seems to start earlier and finish later, which will only cause more stress for our beloved pets. We wanted to give you our top tips to help keep your dog’s safe and as calm as they can be during this period.

·         Make a den for your dog, somewhere where he can call his own and he will be undisturbed.  They will feel safe here or they might hide behind a door or under furniture this helps them to feel safer during stressful times.

·         Put your TV or radio on louder to try and distract them from the noise outside.

·         If you can, purchase a CD which has fireworks playing on it, this will help get your dog accustomed to the noise before they start at night – play the CD ideally before firework season starts

·        Try and act as normal as possible, dogs will pick up on any anxiety that you have

·       Walk your dog’s well before dusk to help getting caught out when the fireworks start – if in doubt do not let your dog off the lead as they may still be anxious and any loud noises could spook them.

·        Feed your dog well before the fireworks are due to start as they may not want their food once they have started.

·         Shut all doors and windows to help block out any firework noise and flashes of light.

·         If you dog comes to you for security act as you would on any other day – do not be afraid to give them some reassurance.

·         Do not tell your dog off if they are scared this will only make them more distressed.

·         If you can, purchase Adaptil from your local Pets at Home Store. It is a calming spray to help keep your dog calm during stressful events. There are also many different calming products available.


We hope that everyone can keep safe this fireworks season we will be doing all we can to help keep our stray dogs calm during this period too. 


Posted: October 25, 2018