What better way to explore the great British countryside than to do it with your best friend by your side. We wanted to let our readers know just how much enjoyment you can get from camping with your dogs.

We put it to the test and went on a camping trip with our own three dogs and here is what we thought of the adventure.

If you’ve not been camping before it can sound daunting, most people think cold, wet – typical British weather, but you can make it fun! Yes, we aren’t going to lie, it did rain, but the sun also came out too.

Where we are situated in Birmingham means that we are not too far away from the picturesque Peak District which has lots of trails and hills to climb. We spent the bank holiday weekend with family to get a feel of camping for ourselves.

The hardest part is pitching up your tent – especially when you haven’t done it before! But once you’ve got it up that’s when you can start relaxing. Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your dogs, especially if you are like us and work during the day or hate leaving them to pop to the shops. You spend every single moment of the day with your dogs, sometimes even when you go to the toilet!

The best part of camping is relaxing in the countryside and cooking under the stars, nothing beats it. It’s made extra special knowing that your dog isn’t in kennels, but enjoying the experiences with you.

There is so much to do, from taking trails and walks near your campsite, visiting local events, popping to a local pup or just playing games around camp – you would be surprised how many people enjoy the odd game of bowls or rounders!

We really enjoyed our walks, stopping off at the pub for lunch and taking in all the beautiful views. You meet so many like-minded dog owners that love nothing more than stopping and letting your dog’s play together and we also get a chance to chat about everything doggie related too!

After your busy day of walking it’s back to the campsite and time for dinner! It’s always BBQ time whilst camping and we were prepared for the weather, we were all sat under the gazebo so we could still enjoy the outside, without getting wet.

We have to mention the campsites, there are so many around and if you haven’t experienced camping before it is worth while doing some research and visiting a site which has good amenities such as good toilets, showers, electric, shop, washing up rooms, laundry room and games room for the children. You might not use all the amenities but at least they are there should you need them. During the busy bank holidays some sites also put on extra activities for the children which helps some families out if you stuck for what to do.

Most, but not all, campsites are dog friendly. There were so many other happy campers who had bought their pooches along to join the fun. It is lovely to see all the families together having lots of enjoyment – it really makes you smile. Plus, it’s a great way for your dogs to find new friends!

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind the odd spot of rain we are sure that camping is for you. Quality time spent with your dog exploring new surroundings and making special memories. We would highly recommend camping to anyone who just wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sit back, relax and GO CAMPING!!

Essential things to take when camping with dogs

Raised bed: this is if it is muddy or wet on foot but you still want your dog to sit out with you during the day, you don’t want them getting muddy bellies!

Dog Tethers: These will come in very handy when you are busy putting up your tent or making dinner, you can hook your dog up and get on with your job knowing that your dog is safe and has room to roam around camp.

Water Bottle and Collapsible bowl: This is for when you are out walking, there isn’t always water available, your dog may get thirsty.

Wind breakers: If you would like a bit of privacy whilst in camp then windbreakers are fantastic.

Gazebo (or equivalent): Helps keep you outside should it rain - we live in Britain after all!


Benefits of camping


·         You can take your dog with you!

·         Cheaper than going abroad

·         You can still visit different countries – just get a Pet Passport

·         No Kennel Fees

·         No worrying about how your dog is in kennels

·         Create great memories with your dog

·         Your dog can make new friends