With our educational outreach programme, we help to visit over 4,000 students every year from all different ages.

We help to teach young students the importance of how to keep safe around dogs, animal welfare, dog body language, and responsible ownership. It is important to us that children learn how to behave around dogs but also learn how to be responsible owners when they grow up.

Our education dogs are fully trained to be able to help young children overcome their fears; we recently met Sophie and Isabelle at our Birmingham Centre who was so scared about dogs that they couldn’t even step into a park.

With cases of fear it always depends on each individual person, Sophie and Isabelle were happy to be in a room with a dog but would worry every time she moved. It was our job to help show them what to do when they wanted to stroke a dog, and what to do if they found themselves in a park and a dog was trying to jump up at them.

After they had learned all about what we do and how to keep safe we then wanted to try and introduce Reeva a little bit more, by asking the girls to read Reeva a story, it helps to focus their attention onto something else and less on Reeva. Before long, the girls had forgotten she was there and were able to feel a little bit more comfortable around her.

The educational workshop lasted over one hour and we are pleased to say that both girls were happy enough to hold the lead and walk Reeva around the room by the end – certainly a job well done for our Education Dog.

There is no easy fix, learning how to be confident around dogs comes with time and we were able to talk the girl’s parents about how they can help them in their own environment.

To see the girls confident enough to stroke, walk and give Reeva a treat is certainly a great feeling.

If you have a child that would benefit from having an educational talk from us then please get in touch.

Call us on 0121 643 5211 (option 3)

Or email the team on education@birminghamdogshome.org.uk

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Posted: January 28, 2019