Birmingham Dogs Home CEO, Giles Webber represented our Charity at the 2017 ‘Animals in War’ Memorial service which is held at the Monument at Brook Gate, Park Lane London. Giles’s own dog Myrtle joined in the service and paid her own tribute to the ‘Animals in War’.

The service sees Charities from all over the UK gather together to remember the brave animals that have fought alongside the British, Commonwealth and Allied Forces and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

It enables us to remember the bravery of all the animals that did not choose to fight but were chosen for their variety of instincts and often died alongside their armies – some suffering agonising deaths.

It is hard to read that 8 Million Horses lost their lives in the First World War, with countless Mules and Donkeys losing their lives too. They were used to help bring ammunition to the front line in appalling conditions as well as facing the horrors of shellfire.

Dogs also had a big part in the First World War, often used to help run messages, laid telegraph wires, detached mines, dug out bomb victims and acted as guard or patrol dogs. Many worked with horrific injuries but showed indomitable courage and loyalty to their handlers.

There were many other animals that helped, more than 100,000 pigeons served Britain in the First World War and 200,000 in the Second World War, they too helped carry important messages, sometimes over long distances when other communications were not available. They helped save thousands of lives. There were also elephants, camels, oxen, bullocks, cats, canaries and even glow worms who have served with our military – all risking their lives to serve for the British, Commonwealth and Allied forces during the 20th Century.

We laid a wreath on behalf of everyone from Birmingham Dogs Home to remember their sacrifice and to always keep them in our hearts. We also remember all the animals in war that are currently serving with our military and risking their lives for our freedom.

BDH will be taking part in the 2 minute silence on Remembrance Sunday to remember all the heroes that have fallen – Always in our thoughts.