This is the question, are your dog's microchip details up-to-date? In April 2016 it became law that every dog had to have a microchip by the age of 8 weeks. This was put into force to help dogs get reunited as quickly as possible.

Last year alone we have over 2,700 stray dogs come into our care, this is just in the West Midlands and South Staffordshire area and it is estimated that there were over 66,277 stray dogs in the UK between 2016 -2017*. We were only able to reunite 616 of those dogs with their worried owners last year, why is this such a small number? We are finding that a lot of the dogs that are brought into our center are already microchipped but without the correct contact details. In the same survey, it was reported that 69% of dogs that find themselves in rehoming centres did not have the correct contact details on record.

Dogs are part of the family and we know that you would be extremely worried should your dog go astray. Dogs that are brought in as strays can be rehomed on the 8th day of arrival – this is why it is extremely important to check that your dog's details are kept up-to-date.

We see too many dogs come into our care that are very well looked after, loved and obviously dearly missed but because we can’t get find their owners due to the incorrect contact details.

We want our supporters to check their dog's microchip details if you are unsure or if you have moved address, changed telephone number or email address.

How can you check?

Many people may have forgotten where their chip details are stored, there are roughly 12 microchip companies that your dog's chip details may be stored with but if you are not sure you can simply check by logging onto

You will then be given a number to call which you can then confirm your details and update your chip details. There will be a small charge to update your records, this will range from £10 upwards.

What if your dog is not Microchipped?

Our centres can do this for a small donation of £12. Please call in advance and a member of our team will be able to help get you booked in.

·        * Figures from Dogs Trust Stray Dog Survey.

Posted: April 3, 2019