"As someone who has dedicated my time to care for stray dogs in need, I thought it was only right to pass on my thanks to everyone who has been supporting us through these worrying and uncertain times. 

My name is Nicola, I am part of the team that cares for the dogs at our Birmingham Centre and we have been overwhelmed with the support and kind messages that we have been receiving online. With over 100 dogs in our care, just at this centre, we are working extremely hard to ensure our dogs daily routine is not disrupted. To them, it is like any other day filled with walks, food, treats, training and lots of playtime! They honestly don’t know what is going on around them. 

We have had to change how we work as a team, social distancing is a big part of our day but thankfully we spend a lot of our time outside exercising the dogs which makes it a lot easier. We can still walk together and get the dogs socialised without breaking any rules or putting each other at risk.

As a team, we are used to cleaning A LOT, but even we have had to increase the cleaning routine at the centre. All handles and areas which people touch often are cleaned regularly, at least once an hour! This is to protect us and our vets – we are very grateful that our vets are here giving the dogs much needed veterinary treatment. 

We are spending a lot of time with the dogs on a one to one basis and working on their training routines, this will certainly help get them new loving homes once we are back open. 

As a team, we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for your support. We are always on social media looking for updates on our dogs and read all the comments – it is times like this when communities can come together and make a difference. We couldn’t continue our work without your support. Thank you from the team at Birmingham Dogs Home." - Nicola Allen

Posted: March 31, 2020