With it being #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay we thought we would share a recent rehoming story with you to see just how much of a difference you could make to our dogs in need.

Meet Lola, a young German Shepherd dog who was abandoned in a Warwickshire Park and rescued by Dog Wardens who then brought her into our care. This poor young girl found it hard to adjust to kennel life which meant that she was extremely reserved and shy. For this reason she wasn't placed up for rehoming until we could gain her trust and give her all the help that she needed.

Dogs like Lola come into us too often and it is our dedicated staff that help them through it every step of the way. Watching them grow into loving dogs and find their forever homes is why we do what we do.

Here is a small quote from Lola's new Rescue Parents -

"Owning a rescue dog is incredibly rewarding; every day you can rest in the knowledge that you are giving a loving home to an unwanted animal who might otherwise be living a life of despair, without hope. We had out challenges with Lola at first, unsurprisingly really as the poor girl had simply been abandoned in a park, clearly never known love, affection or discipline. Gradually, very gradually, she learnt to love and trust us and to play like the young dog she is, and to relax finally. Every day she gives more and more love back to us and she really enjoys life now" - Gill Salt

If you are considering getting a new member of the family, why not come and take a look at our dogs, your new best friend could be waiting for you.

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