Exactly 12 months ago today, on November 22, a story broke about a young Labrador cross who was chained to a lamppost in freezing conditions during the night.

Today, the dog now named Wilson is still in our care and searching for a home to call his own.

No one knows why he was abandoned but it was clear that he was extremely nervous and had been mistreated.

He was brought to us where the team has worked extremely hard to help him overcome his fears and re-build his confidence.

Now a loving boy who has bundles of energy, the team is finding it hard to understand why no one has offered him a home in 12 months. He is always very excited to see you, receive lots of fuss and enjoys having a seat next to you on the sofa just like your very own dog might do at home.

Assistant Manager, Hayley Gee said “Wilson deserves a home just like all the other dogs here, it has been heartbreaking seeing him getting over-looked whilst his friends find new homes and he is still waiting. The team has worked really hard with Wilson and he has come a very long way – we are very proud of him. All we need now is an experienced owner who can give him the time he needs and the loving home that he truly deserves. It will make us all very happy when that day finally arrives”

Wilson, along with over 2,700 stray dogs that we rescued last year, is just one of many dogs who have been mistreated or abandoned.

Wilson is seeking an adult-only home with experience in bringing up larger dogs.

If you feel that you could help give him the loving home that he truly needs then please call the team on 0121 643 5211.

For further details on Wilson and to view his video please click here - https://www.birminghamdogshome.org.uk/re-homing/dogs/933

Posted: November 22, 2019