Fundraise for Us

We are only able to show a small selection of the many dogs available for rehoming, and the information provided on each dog is for guideline purposes only. For more information on each dog, or to view all the dogs available for adoption, please visit our rehoming centres directly.

Your help brings hope and happy tomorrows for abandoned dogs. Fundraising is the life's blood of Birmingham Dogs' Home. Without it we simply could not exist.

With no Government funding, we survive purely through the generous contributions of the general public, interested companies, groups, organisations and kind-hearted individuals who may or may not have purchased dogs from us and have remembered us in their Wills.

Legacies and other contributions are valued beyond compare and allow us to carry on providing care and protection for unwanted dogs.

This ensures that we can continue to rescue these unfortunate animals, oversee their welfare and good health and treat any conditions with first class veterinary attention all with one aim in mind ... to see them happily re-homed to loving new families.

Our highly trained kennel team do the rest with loving pastoral care prior to their four-legged charges leaving for pastures new.

There are various fundraising routes available for those who wish to donate. Whichever, we at Birmingham Dogs' Home are deeply indebted to those of you who work so tirelessly to help us help them.

Fundraising areas include:

Raising cash ... AT HOME

1. Collection jars and piggy banks
2. A 'Come Dine with Me' evening
3. Small events - jumble sale, car boot sale, garden fair and fete, etc
4. Entry fee competition for children and adults - try and break a record for doing something and invite others to try too
5. Cut your hair or shave your head
6. Give up smoking and or chocolate
7. Lose weight
8. Suggest friends donate cost of birthday or special day cards
9. 'Just Giving' page online
10. Gift Aid it!

Raising cash ... AT WORK

1. Collection boxes
2. Individual sponsorship for - marathons, fun runs, walkathons, UK and overseas challenges,'dog walkadays'., etc
3. Coffee cash box
4. Loose change tin
5. Raffle
6. Ask your employer to match collection funds
7. 'Just Giving' page online
8. Gift Aid it!

1. Rag days
2. Campaign appeals in school newsletters and Campus mags
3. Fun days
4. Collections at events
5. Raffles
6. Collection boxes on site
7. Concerts, discos, raves, car boot sales, fairs, etc
8. Sponsored challenge events
9. Gift Aid it!

If you would like to run a fundraising event of your own, or if you are competing in a competition and would like to raise some much needed funds, please contact our fundraising team on 0121 643 5018 or email to let us know what you are planning to do. We will then be able to send you a sponsorship pack.