Rehoming Procedures

We are only able to show a small selection of the many dogs available for rehoming, and the information provided on each dog is for guideline purposes only. For more information on each dog, or to view all the dogs available for adoption, please visit our rehoming centres directly.

How do I rehome a dog from BDH?

  • All visitors to our homes are free to walk around at their own leisure during opening hours.
  • If you find a dog that you are interested in, you need to remember the kennel number that they were in and then proceed to reception where a canine rehomer will provide you with as much information that we have on that particular dog.
  • If you are still interested in the dog and wish to see him/her out of the kennel, you will be asked a few question with regards to your living arrangements to ensure that the dog and breed is suitable to be rehomed with you. If all is ok, then you will be shown to a room where a canine carer will bring the dog to see you (Birmingham centre only), or the dog will be brought to you and you can take it for a walk on our field (Sunnyside centre only).
  • All adults and children that will live with your new pet MUST see the dog out before a reservation will be made.
  • If you have other dogs living in the same house, they too must come to visit their new friend before a reservation will be made. (If you foresee an issue with this, please speak to our canine rehomers where they will be able to advise you)
  • Any new owner will need to show two forms of ID showing their address (i.e. driving licence, utility bill,) and also make a £10 deposit to reserve any of our dogs. (Deposits are non-refundable unless the dog is claimed by its current owner or the reserve is cancelled by the home)

Rehoming of stray dogs can only be done after a dog has been with us for seven days, as required by the law.

How much will it cost?

In most cases Birmingham Dogs Home makes a charge for rehoming depending on age, condition and breed. Typical charges range from £120 to £150. In certain cases, a dog may be homed at a reduced charge, however, this will only occur in rare cases where dogs are of extreme age, have ongoing medical treatment or have had excessive period of stay within either home. (Charges are made at the sole discretion of the charity)

Why do we charge a fee to rehome a dog?

As a charity, we do not receive any Government funding and so rely on dog charges and much more critically, the generosity of the general public to give donations which allow for us to continue rescuing and caring for the homeless and unwanted dogs from the West Midlands and South Staffordshire area. It costs us approximately £464 per dog that enters our home, so you can see that we do not make any profit on dogs that we rehome.
Owning a dog is also a huge financial responsibilty, so we want to ensure that any new owners are aware of this fact and are fully committed to offering one of our dogs the best possible home that they can do.
And remember.... each dog that you rehome from us will be come packed full of love, which we all know, money just can't buy!

All normal rehoming (i.e., with a charge) will include the following:

  • Free first part vaccination
  • Free flea and worming treatment
  • Free micro-chip
  • Free 4-weeks pet insurance
  • Discounted neutering voucher
  • Free collar, identification tag and lead
  • Free starter pack of advice and special offers

In all cases, before a dog is rehomed, the following will be completed.

  • Health assessment by our vet
  • Behaviourable assessment by our staff
  • Home check/vet recommendation (new owners to us)

Birmingham Dogs' Home make every attempt to ensure a successful adoption but cannot guarantee any dog's temperament or health once it has been rehomed.