Help & Advice

We are only able to show a small selection of the many dogs available for rehoming, and the information provided on each dog is for guideline purposes only. For more information on each dog, or to view all the dogs available for adoption, please visit our rehoming centres directly.

The joy of dog ownership is legendary and has been celebrated by authors and poets over generations in addition to the legion of owners themselves.

It is an experience that grows with time and the knowledge gained helps when the occasional problem arises. That is where we at Birmingham Dogs' Home come in. Over the 120 years since our inception we have amassed vast expertise in the subject and are here to help and advise you if we can in any area with which you are having difficulty.

We have a procedure for some of these problem areas which include:

Lost dog - we check all new arrival strays for identification such as on microchips, dog tags and collars. If this is successful, we will immediately call the number available and inform owners that the pet has been handed in by Dog Warden. As is the Law on this situation we keep all stray dogs for a period of seven days after they arrive after which, if no contact has been made by the owner, they are legally available for rehoming.

Found dog - What should you do if you lose your dog? As can be seen from the above information you only have seven days in which to inform the relevant authorities prior to the pet being rehomed. Therefore, it is essential that all lost dogs are reported to local Dog Wardens immediately.

Owners can also call Birmingham Dogs' Home to check if it has been brought in by the Warden and, if so, they will be asked to visit the home and check that it is, in fact, their pet. The local authority involved discharges a fine to owners which is payable when you pick up your pet although it should be noted that the
Dogs' Home is duty bound to pass this on to the relevant Council.

Behaviour issues - If you experience any behavioural and settling in issues with your new dog then you can contact our rehoming team for advice.

Pet health - This is a vital topic which requires constant scrutiny, especially when you are alerted to something wrong with your pet.
There are some conditions which commonly affect rescue dogs and to assist, our vets have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions on this subject and are available in a leaflet produced by the Home.

The following leaflets are available to help towards happy and responsible dog ownership:

  • You and your new dog
  • Introducing your dog to a cat
  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Recall
  • Jumping up and nipping
  • Introducing your dog to another dog
  • Separation anxiety
  • Clicker training
  • Tips when you have collected your dog
  • Shake bottle
  • Most common behavioural problems